Phenolic Plates and Sets

Plymouth Product’s Phenolic Plate Sets provide a high quality, economical backing system. PHENOLIC SET BENEFITS . .Each plate has a unique hole pattern allowing air to flow through to the abrasive disc. The moving air cools the disc and work area prolonging the life of the disc.


Rubber Backing Pads


We offer 3 types of rubber backing pads.  Depending on your application we have a rubber backing pad that will fit your needs.


Circle Cool Air Cooled Rubber Pads

Circle Flex Smooth Faced Pads

Rubber Pads


Polypropylene Pads

Three different types of polypropylene pads.


Poly Cool Air Cooled Pads

Poly Flex Smooth Faced Pads

Threaded Polypropylene Pads


Quick Change Pads

Large Diameter Quick Change pads in a variety of diameters.

Rubber Holder Pads attach to power tool.


Hook & Loop Pads


Standard Hook = Abrasive Discs Stay Attached

1/4″ Arbor included on 1″, 2″, 3″ and 4″ Holders

5/8″-11 Internal Thread on 4″ – 8″ Pads


Max Grip Backing Pads


Heavy Hook = Non-Woven Abrasive Discs Stay Attached

1/4″ Arbor included on 1″, 2″, 3″ and 4″ Holders

5/8″-11 Internal on 4″ and 8″ Pads


PSA Pads

PSA Backing Pads

PSA Disc Holders


Random Orbit Pads


High quality molded urethane foam

Heavy duty riveted composite hub = higher heat capacity

Firm low profile edge – for flat surfaces and abrasive grits of 100 and below



Abrasive Disc Cutter


Plymouth Product’s Disc Cutter has become the industry standard for one very good reason. It is the only abrasive disc cutter that gives you a “factory fresh edge cut” each and every time.


The Disc Cutter works just like a can opener and is adjustable to cut down discs from 9″ to 3″ diameter. The exclusive double blade system will last for hundreds of cuts and the blades are easily replaced when necessary.


Locking Nuts

Pad Nuts for Circle Cool and Circle Flex Rubber Pads, Poly Cool and Poly Flex Pads


Adjustable Spanner Wrench


Plymouth Products’ Adjustable Spanner Wrench allows for easy removal and reattachment of abrasive discs. Its adjusts to any variety of pad nut so multiple wrenches are no longer needed. The heavy duty stamped steel and rivet construction guarantees a long, reliable life. Fits any nut with spanner holes.

Adapters for Circle Cool Pads

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