Rubber Backing Pads


Circle Cool Air Cooled Rubber Pads

Plymouth Products’ Air-Cooled Rubber Pads increase abrasive disc life up to 50%!

The Circle Cool’s slotted hub and spiral design pulls air between the pad and the disc cooling the disc and operating area.


The moving air cools the disc and work area prolonging the life of the disc. For light grinding, sanding and polishing, you cannot find better quality rubber pads from any other source.


Circle Cool Interchange Chart




Circle Flex Smooth Faced Pads

The new Circle Flex Smooth Faced Rubber Pads are composed of the same parts and material as the the Circle Cool Pads. The Circle Flex offers a smooth faced option without compromising on speed rating, quality and durability.


Rubber Pads

Plymouth Products offers a variety of Smooth Faced Rubber Pads for many applications.



Each pad is made of durable molded rubber for long life. These pads can be used for light grinding and sanding as well as polishing and buffing.


The 7″ pads are manufactured both with a 5/8″ x 11″ threaded design and a non-threaded 5/8″ hole design.



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