Phenolic Plate Options



Depressed Center Plates

Plymouth Product’s Phenolic Plates come in a wide variety of diameters and thicknesses to match a wide variety of applications. Phenolic Plates provide an economical backing solution.

All meet our rigid technical and performance standards.



Sav-A-Disc is a patented grinder backing plate and grinding system that significantly increases abrasive disc life and improves the quality of any surface preparation or finishing project. Sav-A-Disc Operation – The unique ribbed construction of the plate puts the top and the secondary grit layers of the abrasive disc to work.


Threaded Phenolic Plate Sets

Plymouth Product’s Phenolic Plate Sets provide a high quality, economical backing system. PHENOLIC SET BENEFITS . . . Each plate has a unique hole pattern allowing air to flow through to the abrasive disc. The moving air cools the disc and work area prolonging the life of the disc.


Vulcanized Fiber Plates

Vulcanized Fiber: strong, oil and solvent resistant, heat resistant, wear resistant, economical. Vulcanized Fiber Plates Part # Size Description List 480003 3″ Flexible Plate 30,000 RPM – 7/8″ Center Hole $2.62 480004 4″ Flexible Plate 27,000 RPM – 7/8″ Center Hole $3.71 480045 4-1/2″ Flexible Plate 24,000 RPM – 7/8″


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