From its humble beginnings in 1959 on the west side of Plymouth, Indiana, Plymouth Products has evolved into the premier producer of backing pads, plates and accessories for customers worldwide.

In 1999, under new ownership, the company moved its current headquarters on Jim Neu Drive with a brand new office and manufacturing complex.

Today Plymouth Products continues to add to its growing product line with the addition of a new program consisting of both high-end rubber pads and price competitive plastic pads in both air-cooled and smooth faced styles.


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Have you tried Sav-A-Disc?

Sav-A-Disc is a patented grinder backing plate and grinding system that significantly increases abrasive disc life and improves the quality of any surface preparation or finishing project.

Sav-A-Disc Operation The unique ribbed construction of the plate puts the top and the secondary grit layers of the abrasive disc to work. Because the plate rotates freely, the abrasive disc is constantly changing its position relative to the ribs of the plate. Each grain on the disc is forced to lie on an angle on the ribs of the plate. This action continually unloads the disc and re-sharpens the grain.



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